Youtube Video Description Template | Tutorial

Youtube Video Description Template

Youtube Video Description Template

The video description on Youtube should not be underestimated. Not only that you can store important information and links for your viewers. The video description also plays a role for Youtube itself, since search terms placed here can have a positive effect on the ranking in the search. It is therefore important to store a suitable Youtube video description, so that you can be found in the end. But how do you do this with many uploads? One possibility is to use a Youtube video description template to automatically generate the description for each upload. This saves time and also helps if you otherwise tend to forget the description.

Does a video description template make sense on Youtube?

It depends. For content that is always the same, such as a Let’s Play, this can make sense, since the information content probably changes little. It is different, for example, as with tutorials on different topics (such as ours). We don’t use this option, because the data differed far too much from upload to upload. Nevertheless, there is a middle way, in which one takes over into the template the data that is always the same and adds the rest with each upload.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Click on your channel icon on Youtube and then on the YouTube Studio
  • Go to Settings -> Upload Defaults
  • Here you can not only enter a predefined video description, but also a title, tags or monetization information
  • Click on “Save” in the upper right corner
  • Done!

If you leave out the video description on YouTube, you might have a hard time getting many viewers, unless your video goes viral. But whether you need a fixed template for the video description, that’s up to everyone and especially how generic the content of the video is. Then it can make sense. We wish you good luck with your uploads!

Video tutorial:

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