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Info cards Youtube

Info cards Youtube

Youtube now offers its video creators the option of creating info cards and linking relevant content in this way. So if you want to mention in a video that there is more relevant information in another video, you can easily do this today via the info card. We would like to show you in this post how to create info cards on Youtube and customize them according to your individual requirements. Because the info cards offer some functions and even allow polls, so you can offer your viewers even more opportunities for participation.

Keep viewers on your channel with info cards

Youtube is also about keeping viewers on your channel. Every visitor who stays brings you more clicks and maybe even a subscription. Therefore, an info card on YouTube is quite useful to increase the success of your own channel. Trying out info cards has no disadvantage for you in any case, so we recommend it in any case!

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Go to your video manager on Youtube and select the video with “Edit”
  • Click on the “Editor” tab
  • Switch to “Info cards” in the top tab
  • Go to Add Card and select:
    • Video or Playlist: Selects either a fixed video or playlist, or options like “Customized for current viewer” or “Latest upload”
    • Channel: Here you can also introduce foreign channels
    • Poll: Provide a question and different answer options
    • Link: Makes it possible for you to link to a website (this must be approved beforehand via Youtube)
  • The elements do not have to be adjusted via the timeline. If you create an info card, it will be available during the whole video
  • Done!

Conclusion: Info cards on YouTube should be mandatory for every ambitious Youtuber in order to increase success with simple means. Certainly not everyone will be able to profit from it, but as a free tool you should definitely make use of it. We wish you a lot of fun and success with your Youtube career!

Video tutorial:

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