How to view Youtube thumbnail in full size | Tutorial

How to view Youtube thumbnail

How to view Youtube thumbnail in full size

Some youtubers just make too interesting thumbnails. Wouldn’t it be great if you could view the Youtube thumbnail in full size for a closer look? The good news: you can! While it’s not a direct feature of Youtube, which would certainly be nice, at least there’s a work around. And the best part. If you now view the image in full size, you can easily still download it if needed. So whether you just want to view the image or are after a Youtube thumbnail download solution. You’ll find answers here!

This way you can view a thumbnail in full size:

In order to display the Youtube thumbnail in large size, you only have to go to the source code. There you can find the address of the original in maximum resolution. If you look for this address, you can simply enter it again in the browser and thus get a good view of the thumbnail and can also download it right away Actually no magic, but who has never dealt with the page source code, would probably not start looking there. From therefore here a suitable guidance!

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Go to the Youtube video with the interesting thumbnail
  • Press CTRL+U
  • Type CTRL+F and search for “og:image”
  • Copy the link behind it and enter it as address in the browser
  • Now you have the thumbnail in large size and you can save it as well
  • Done

With a few steps you can reach your goal with this question. Theoretically, you can also save the image address and only exchange the video ID. This way you can get the Youtube thumbnail in original size even faster next time and don’t have to search in the source code first. We wish you a lot of fun on Youtube!

Video tutorial:

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