How to see Youtube dislikes again | Tutorial

How to see Youtube dislikes

How to see Youtube dislikes again

Some time ago, Youtube removed dislikes, so that it is still possible to give a thumbs down, but you can no longer see how many dislikes a video really has. This action met with great resistance from the community. We would therefore like to show you how to see Youtube dislikes again and what restrictions can be associated with it. In any case, it’s worth using it to get a better first impression.

Why it is so important to see Youtube dislikes:

Dislikes are simply an important tool for evaluating quality. If you visit a video with 100 likes and 0 dislikes, you can be sure that the video promises what it delivers. But a video with 100 likes and 10,000 dislikes is the other way around. Since Youtube has now turned off the dislikes, both videos appear in the same light. So you can quickly see that turning off the dislikes leads to problems for users and only protects creators with bad content. Why is this the case? We suspect to protect companies from criticism, as it is an important part of funding the Youtube model.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Go to the ReturnYoutubeDislikes website
  • Click on your browser in the “Install” tab. You will be redirected to the respective store
  • Install the addon for your browser
  • If you already have a Youtube video open where you want to see the dislikes, refresh the page
  • For all future videos the dislikes will be visible again

Notice: Youtube has disabled the API for displaying dislikes. The addon therefore works partly with historical data, its own algorithm and data from its users. Therefore, the more people use the addon, the more accurate the number of dislikes will be. However, it is not 100% accurate.

Money or not, what Youtube is doing is not good. Why? Because it protects creators with bad content. Conversely, it promotes the publication of low-quality videos, which could generally gnaw at Youtube’s reputation. We still hope that Youtube will bring back this important feature to protect itself from the reputation of being a “trash video platform”. There are other websites for that…

Video tutorial:

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