How to delete Youtube Video | Tutorial

How to delete Youtube Video

How to delete Youtube Video

On Youtube it does not always go in one direction only. Who uploads content sometimes wants to delete a YouTube video, because it may not like the quality, is no longer current or has not appealed to the viewer. Who want to show how to delete a YouTube video that you have uploaded yourself. This is actually very easy, you just have to know where. Note that you can delete a video on YouTube, but there is no way to undo this step. Think carefully about what you do. Especially if you delete several videos at once, it can happen that you accidentally delete a video on Youtube that you wanted to keep. Therefore, better look once more than once too little!

Note: You can only delete your own videos directly!

Again and again it happens that other people either make a video about you or simply steal on your own videos. To delete such videos is a little bit more difficult on Youtube. Here it must be checked who has the right to the material. We will deal with this point in another video. Here we want to limit ourselves first of all only to the videos that you have uploaded yourself.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Go to Youtube
  • Click the top right of your channel image
  • Click on “Youtube Studio
  • Switch to the “Videos” tab
  • Check the box in front of the video you want to delete
  • You can also select multiple videos here if necessary
  • If you want to delete all videos on the current page, use the box above the first video. It also has the remark “Select all”.
  • A dark strip opens with further editing options
  • Click on “More actions
  • Select “Delete forever”.
  • Confirm the box to be aware that this step cannot be undone
  • Click on “Delete forever”
  • Done!

Deleting a video from Youtube is therefore not difficult. Also to remove a whole series of videos is with the current functions of Youtube as easy as never before. Of course we hope that you continue to make videos, because through Youtube and the individual creators great things, friendships and relationships have already been formed. So stay tuned, even if things are not going so well. We know that too. So good luck and keep uploading!

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