How to create a Playlist on Youtube (without a channel) | Tutorial

How to create a Playlist on Youtube

How to create a Playlist on Youtube (without a channel)

We already explained a few years ago how to create a playlist on Youtube. However, the procedure has changed a lot recently. For example, if you want to create a Youtube playlist without a channel, you will search almost in vain for a corresponding function. But the good news: it is possible, but the function is really not easy to find. However, if you know how, you can create a playlist on Youtube within seconds.

New features available after creating a Youtube playlist!

Due to the changes of the last few years, some functions have been added that are quite practical. For example, you can also let friends work on the playlist and fill it. It is also possible to transfer the entire playlist to another one, so that they can be merged and you don’t have to transfer each video individually. There are some real advances here!

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Go to Youtube
  • Visit a video (best of course one that you want to have in the playlist)
  • Under the video you will find the “Save” button next to the “Likes” and the “Share” button. Click on it
  • Click on “Create new playlist” and give it a name
  • The playlist is now created and the video is saved in it
  • In the left menu bar of Youtube you can now click into the playlist and find here all further settings
  • Done!

Actually, the function is very appropriately located directly with the videos, so that you can save them directly in a playlist. A separate button for creating playlists would perhaps have been appropriate, so that even less experienced YouTube users can find it. We hope that we could bring light into the darkness for you. If so, please visit us on Youtube and leave us a subscription. We look forward to seeing you!

Video tutorial:

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