Emoji for Youtube – How to use them | Tutorial

Emoji for Youtube

Emoji for Youtube – How to use them

Have you ever noticed smileys in the Youtube comments that you might want to have too? In this post we want to show you how to use emojis for Youtube. The trick is quite simple, because Youtube does not offer smileys on its own. You simply use another website, so that you simply copy the corresponding emoji for Youtube. But you should be careful not to get on the wrong pages. We also point this out in more detail in the instructions.

Here’s what you need to watch out for with Youtube Emojis:

Sites where you can find emojis are certainly many. The problem is that some want money for it, but make this venture very confusing to the end. Therefore, we want to prevent you from paying money for Youtube symbols, since there are enough sites that offer this for free. Therefore, we have shown a page below where this works great, but also point out a fake page that sounds completely the same except for the domain extension. A mistake can easily happen, which is expensive. Therefore, take good care of yourself and your money!

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Go to the website getemoji.com (Attention!!! getemoji.net is a fake site with a subscription trap!!!)
  • Search for suitable emojis, mark them and copy them with CTRL + C
    Go where you want to use the emoji (title, description, comment) and paste it with CTRL + V
  • Attention: Whether the symbols are displayed often depends on whether the website supports them at all. Therefore it is possible that not all of them will work.

Visit the website, copy YouTube emoji and you’re done. The procedure is that simple and the selection is also getting bigger and bigger. Of course, the website we mentioned is just a suggestion. If you are looking for other sites, just use Google. But always look for hidden costs. Because everyone wants to earn money on the Internet and generally nothing is free. With this knowledge you usually get through better! And from here on have fun with great symbols and smileys!

Video tutorial:

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