Block Youtube comments with specific keywords (e.g. Flixzone / other words) | Tutorial

Block Youtube Comments

Block Youtube comments with specific keywords

In this post we would like to show how to block Flixzone in the Youtube comments. Why? Flixzone is one of the new threats on the Internet. The website appears in a similar light as Netflix and according to its own claims offers series- movie streaming. And the supposedly special: everything for just one euro a month. The problem is that the one euro is only a trial offer. The rude awakening comes in the days that follow. The offer increases to about 150 Euro per month, sometimes even per week or in rare cases every two days. The support is not available and so one debit follows the next. The expensive two-day rhythm can also be seen in the following screenshot:

Screenshot of a user of, a French information site against fraud on the Internet.

What can you do if you have already registered and paid?

In many cases, you have to bite into a very bitter apple. Block or delete the Paypal account and in any case remove all means of payment. Those who pay with credit card should try to retrieve the bookings or also block the credit card. Since the support is not available (most likely intentionally), you will not get any money back from the platform itself in any case. It is therefore important to do damage limitation and not to offer any possibility for further charges.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Go to Youtube
  • Click on your channel image in the top right corner and “Youtube Studio”
  • Select the tab “Settings” and “Community”
  • Enter Flixzone at the bottom of the “Blocked Words” section and click “Save”
  • Done!

We would be happy if this post makes the rounds among Youtubers, and so everyone does their part to ensure that their own viewers do not fall for such spam. Although Flixzone will not be blocked, but the possibility of distributing this scam on Youtube, isch can be prevented in this way. Therefore, good luck and feel free to forward!

Video tutorial:

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