WordPress Maintenance Mode (turn on / turn off / customize) | Tutorial

Wordpress Maintenance Mode

WordPress Maintenance Mode (turn on / turn off / customize)

WordPress makes it quick and easy to put together a great site. But what if you have something that doesn’t work right? Or certain content or plugins need to be tested? Then you should switch on the WordPress maintenance mode. This way, users can’t use the site for the time being, but they don’t see anything about the current construction work and at least get a message that work is being done here. Still better than if a page crashes or does not load and thus leaves a bad impression on the visitor.

2 ways to enable wordpress maintenance mode:

There are two ways to work with the maintenance mode. One is via small changes to the code and the other is via a plugin. We recommend the plugin for reasons. With a WordPress maintenance mode plugin you can not only save annoying work in the code, but also make great graphics and individual texts visible, so that even an inaccessible page looks great. We have the right plugin for that ready as well.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Download the plugin “Maintenance
  • Attention: After activation the plugin goes directly into maintenance mode. So turn it off directly, if you want to configure it correctly first
  • In the settings of the plugin you can store individual texts and images
  • For a good search engine optimization set the hook at: “503 Response Code”
  • Save the changes
  • At the top of the plugin you can now put the page into maintenance mode
  • Done!

Putting WordPress into maintenance mode and deactivating it later is very easy. At least with the plugin, because you save yourself annoying code work. We also use this for our projects and if downtimes due to maintenance cannot be avoided, this is exactly the right solution. We wish you much success!

Video tutorial:

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