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Wordpress Email Link

WordPress email link / link to email

Extensive explanations and posts can be created in WordPress. But what to do if someone has a question? Leaving your own email address in the post can therefore be worthwhile to get further input from your readers. But how can you create an email link in WordPress so that users are forwarded to their own mail program? Actually, it is quite simple. Just linking the mail address does not work. Therefore, we show you with a few steps, which additional input is necessary for this.

Email image as an alternative?

But before we get to the solution, one other point. Nowadays, many mail addresses are collected by bots and filled with spam. Therefore, some website operators use the trick of storing a mail address only as a screenshot, so that readers can understand and type it, but the bot can do nothing with it. If you are afraid of spam with your mail address, this procedure could be worthwhile and you can do without the email link in WordPress.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Go to a post on your website
  • Mark the text that should link to the mail
  • Go to the link symbol. In front of your mail address put this command: “mailto:” (without quotes)
  • Done!

A simple command ensures that both WordPress and Windows know what to do with the email address. Actually very simple, but of course you have to know how it works. We hope you enjoyed this tutorial and have fun publishing content on WordPress.

Video tutorial:

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