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Wordpress Delete Revisions

WordPress Delete Revisions

Anyone who works on a WordPress site and changes content may have already used the WordPress revisions when a change wants to be undone. Generally, these are very good as an automatic backup tool, as it is quick and easy to try out content and formatting. But what to do when you grow the site and the number of revisions piles up? How to delete wordpress revisions? Without a plugin this is difficult. There is a possibility in WordPress to delete revisions in the database, but we do not recommend it, because small errors can quickly lead to big problems and in case of doubt the whole database can be rendered useless. We therefore advise you to use a plugin.

Delete revisions in WordPress easily via plugin:

There are many plugins that offer a corresponding feature. However, they are often not designed for this area only. We recommend WP-Optimize, because this tool can perform several functions in one and the deletion of WordPress revisions is one of them. However, please note that this deletion will continue to make changes to your database. Even if this is done with a plugin that is designed for this, it can cause errors. So you should make a backup of your database before! We will provide you with a suitable tutorial next week!

Schritt-für-Schritt Anleitung:

  • Go to the admin area of your WordPress site
  • Install the plugin WP-Optimize
  • Select the plugin
  • In the “Optimizations” tab you will find the item “Clean all post revisions”. To the right of it you can run the optimization for this one item
  • If you want to run a complete optimization, click the blue button at the top that says “Run all selected optimizations”. Make sure that a check mark is set for the revisions
  • Done!

WordPress revisions are a simple tool to quickly revert to a previous version. However, if they accumulate, many of them become unnecessary. Therefore, cleaning up the database can be useful, because even if little can be optimized here, it is part of a tidy system in any case. We hope that this has helped you. If you have any further questions about WordPress, just let us know!

Video tutorial:

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