How to add a WordPress favicon | Tutorial

Wordpress favicon

How to add a WordPress favicon

If you surf the Internet, you know it. Maybe you have never paid attention to it or don’t know the name for it, but everybody knows a favicon. It is the small logo that websites carry in the browser and that is also saved with the favorites. A favicon is therefore the main recognition feature of a website. Therefore we would like to show you how to insert a favicon in WordPress and which requirements apply. Although you won’t win new visitors with the small website icon, you will make it easier for regular visitors to find you. And regular visitors are often much more valuable, so a favicon can be worthwhile for you.

How big should the favicon be in WordPress?

WordPress suggests 512 x 512 pixels for a WordPress Favicon size. However, this is only a recommendation. For our website, for example, we only use an image with the dimensions 500 x 500 pixels. So a small undersize is not that bad. You should only take care not to go too far below the value, otherwise the small icon will also look pixelated at some point. And apart from retro games pixel mash is not very popular nowadays!

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Log in to your WordPress page
  • Go to “Appearance” -> “Customize”
  • Switch to the “Site Identity” tab
  • At the bottom you can select a site icon
  • Choose one from the media library or upload a new favicon
  • Done!

So it is not very difficult to integrate a favicon in WordPress. As always it is all about whether you know where the function is hidden. And especially the customizer is not the area you search first when you make settings for your website. Before this happens, you have usually already searched the entire dashboard. We wanted to save you this time. And now we wish you good luck with your website!

Video tutorial:

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