How to backup WordPress site (with UpdraftPlus) | Tutorial

How to backup Wordpress site

How to backup WordPress site (with UpdraftPlus)

You own a WordPress site? Then you surely do backups or? If you haven’t done that yet, then you should start with a WordPress BackUp as soon as possible. Because even if you do it just for fun and free of charge, a lot of time and passion goes into many sites. If you lose your site for whatever reason, you will be discouraged to realize what has just been lost. We advise to make a WordPress BackUp at least once a month. Of course, this also depends on how intensively you work on your site. For example, you could also prescribe an 8-hour rule. So after an imaginary, full working day the website is backed up and any losses in between would be bearable.

Back up everything in seconds with a WordPress BackUp plugin:

There are certainly some webmasters who shy away from the effort. A BackUp sounds like a lot of work. But with a suitable plugin it is not. We use UpdraftPlus for this purpose. The initial setup of the tool takes about three minutes and the creation of the backup another two minutes. The program then takes over this part fully automatically. With the first settings you can also set a regular, automatic backup, so that you have no more effort in the future.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Go to the admin area of your site
  • Install UpdraftPlus
  • Select the plugin
  • In the tab “Backup / Restore” you can press “Backup now” after successful setting and perform your BackUp. Further down you can restore a WordPress BackUp
  • You can ignore the tab “Migrate/Clone” (paid premium functions)
  • In the Settings tab, select your BackUp interval at the top. If you don’t want an automatic BackUp, leave it on “Manual”
  • Important: The database backup is done separately. So make sure to execute this one first. The other BackUp concerns only files and uploads
  • Choose where you want to save your backups. We recommend Google Drive, because it is quick and easy
  • You can’t rename the Google Drive folder (premium functions)
  • Now link the plugin to the selected remote server
  • Set the rest as follows:
  • Click on “Save changes”
    You can ignore the last two tabs (Advanced Tools & Premium)
  • In the tab “Backup / Restore” you can now create your backup by clicking on “Backup now”
  • In the next window select what you want to backup and don’t forget to check the box to send it to the remote server
  • Further down you can now also perform a restore
  • Done!

As you can see, it is very easy to make a database backup in WordPress. So do not be afraid of the 3 minutes that cost the setup. Because it saves you in doubt the work of years and is therefore in no relation to the effort and hassle that you would have without BackUp. We wish you much success with it and continue to have fun with your website!

Video tutorial:

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