Windows – Rename Multiple Files at once | Tutorial

Windows Rename Multiple Files

Windows – Rename Multiple Files at once

Who does not know it. Loads of files that actually belong together but all have different names. Vacation photos are a good example of this. They are often titled with a date. But what if you just want to rename them to “Summer vacation year XY”? This is very easy, because in Windows you can rename multiple files at once and your system numbers them consecutively. This even works not only with one file type, but across the board with photos, documents or folders. Renaming multiple files in Windows is therefore an absolute standard function that you should know!

Rename multiple files in Windows 10 – here’s how:

The good thing is that this function does not require any major setting. By using the right key combination and inputs, Windows renames multiple files directly automatically. So it is worth to learn this trick once and be able to use it in the future simply “on the run” while working in folders and files.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • In Windows, select the area of data you want to rename
  • For single files you can select them together with CTRL + left mouse button
  • For ranges, select the fist file first and then the last file with SHIFT + left mouse button
  • Press “F2”
  • Assign a name in the format “NewName (1)”
  • Press Enter and you are done
  • Note that only files of the same format are counted (i.e. with (2), (3),…)
    for other file formats the counting starts again
  • Done!

Conclusion: Renaming files in Windows 10 is an absolutely standard function that you should know about. It can be used to work efficiently and create order, so it is definitely worth using. And especially with several thousand vacation pictures, it can save a lot of effort. We wish you much success with it now!

Video tutorial:

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