Windows 7 show file extensions | Tutorial

Windows 7 show file extensions

Windows 7 show file extensions

Not seeing file extensions under Windows has its advantages in most cases. For many files it is much clearer this way. However, there is also a big disadvantage, especially when downloading files from the Internet. This is how dubious sources try to deceive visitors. A “picture.jpg” is often not a picture, but a software, because the “.jpg” is included in the name. The real extension is usually an “.exe”, so that malware is installed here. Showing file extensions in Windows 7 minimizes this risk, because the .exe is immediately noticeable. We will therefore show you how to show file extensions in Windows 7.

Show file extensions also enables their editing

Sometimes it can also happen that a file is saved with a wrong extension. Windows can then no longer do anything with the file. If you display the file extensions, you can edit them yourself and show Windows what kind of file it really is. This does not happen very often, but can be a quick solution in some cases!

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Go to “Start” -> Documents (or any other area that works as a folder)
  • Alternatively just open the Windows Explorer
  • Click on “Organize” -> Folder & Search Options
  • Switch to the “View” tab
  • Uncheck “Hide extensions for known file types”
  • Conversely you have to check the box if you want to hide the file extensions again
  • Press Apply and close the window
  • Done!

Our conclusion: If you know how to use the Internet and can assess risks, you do not really need this function. Because even camouflaged .exe files can usually be found out very well, especially since they are often linked to a suspicious mail, the content of which is unrelated to one’s own correspondence and the linked file. Only for editing the file extension, the process can be useful. We therefore wish you good luck with it!

Video tutorial:

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