Windows 7 safe mode (start / stop) | Tutorial

Windows 7 Safe Mode

Windows 7 safe mode (start / stop)

Windows 7 runs stably in most cases. However, operating systems can always experience critical errors that prevent you from continuing to have access to all data. The Windows 7 safe mode can help to get the appropriate access again. The mode can be accessed every time the computer is started, so you can also opt for this path if the system no longer boots properly under normal conditions. Safe mode is thus often one of the trump cards that users have at their disposal in case of errors.

Start Windows 7 in safe mode. What does that actually do?

The Windows operating system usually runs very stable. Of course, exceptions confirm the rule here. Errors often come from the outside. This means external software that causes errors in interaction with the operating system and thus prevents it from doing its job. In safe mode, only basic functions are performed, so the susceptibility to errors is significantly lower. Therefore, if you are locked out of your own system, you can start in safe mode.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • (Re)Start your computer
  • While the system is booting, press F8 very often to get to the advanced boot options
  • Select the safe mode
  • If necessary, you can choose other options (like using “with networking”). This way you can also use the Internet
  • Windows 7 now starts in safe mode and you can use the system again

Important: If you want to turn off the safe mode again, you have to press F8 again at startup and select “Start Windows normally”!

Thus, booting Windows 7 in Safe Mode is not difficult and often allows you to save the system or at least your data on it. We wish you good luck and don’t forget that you have to exit the safe mode in order to use your computer normally!

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