Windows 10 Dark Mode | Tutorial

Windows 10 Dark Mode

Windows 10 Dark Mode

Many websites and programs already offer it today: A dark mode. But if you didn’t know it, you might be surprised, because you can also activate a dark mode in Windows 10 and also set it very well user-defined. Dark mode can be activated in Windows in general or limited to certain areas. For example, you can also define that Windows Explorer can be used in dark mode, while the taskbar and the like remain bright. So there is something for everyone!

Windows 10 Dark Mode – possible with your own favorite color:

Generally, Windows can be set to light and dark. However, there is still a color that accompanies you in the menus, buttons or as a border. This can either be set automatically and then depends on your own background image, or you can set it completely individually. Especially in the dark mode, your favorite colors can come into their own very nicely, so it is definitely worth trying out different colors.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Right click on the desktop
  • Select “Customize
  • Switch to the “Colors” tab
  • Set “Select color” from Light to Dark
  • Alternatively you can set it to Custom to set the areas individually
  • Choose a suitable accent color for yourself
  • Done!

Enabling Dark Mode in Windows 10 is very easy. We hope that this tutorial has helped you. If you have any further questions, please contact us at Youtube and we will provide you with the appropriate assistance. You will also find a large number of videos that provide you with important information. Just have a look and feel free to leave us a subscription! Thank you very much!

Video tutorial:

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