Show file extensions Windows 10 | Tutorial

Show file extensions Windows 10

Show file extensions Windows 10

By default, Windows does not display file extensions. Normally this is not necessary and the result is that workspaces are tidier and you can see their contents at a glance. But what about unknown files? It can make sense to show file extensions in Windows 10 if you do not know the files. It is not uncommon that people try to infiltrate a virus with supposedly known files. Therefore, we would like to show you how to set the options accordingly if you want to display the file extensions.

Beware of .exe files, if you do not show any file extensions at all

The .exe file extension is the classic one when you catch a virus. This is because normally you do not have file extensions enabled. If you download a file anyway (probably from an unknown source) and it has the .exe extension, then someone is trying to trick you. It can be similar with other file extensions, if you want to hide the fact that it is an executable file. Therefore, the following rule applies: If you do not display any file extensions, any file that supposedly does, is a big danger!

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Open the explorer (or any folder on your desktop)
  • Click on “View” and check the “File name extensions” box
  • Done!

Those who know our article for Windows 7 on this topic will certainly be amazed at how much Microsoft has improved the findability of this setting. While it used to be hidden in a confusing list, it is now possible to make the file extensions visible with just a few clicks. So we wish you a lot of fun using Windows and hope that you will pass this important tip on to your friends! See you next time!

Video tutorial:

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