Save Desktop Icon Layout in Windows | Tutorial

Save Desktop Icon Layout

Save Desktop Icon Layout in Windows

Anyone who works a lot on the PC and has to handle files will know it. Sometimes the desktop looks worse than your own room. That’s why we’ve picked out a solution that lets you save your desktop icon layout in no time and restore the arrangement when things get messy. By the way, this is also very useful if you connect a laptop to monitors at different workstations. The resolution is often briefly overturned, so that your own files suddenly find themselves in other places.

This way you can save the desktop icon layout in Windows 7 and 10:

Of course, you could simply sort via Windows, but that is not very individual and often does not fit to your own working behavior. Therefore we looked for a program that can save the desktop layout in Windows 10 and restore it with one click. So you can save desktop icons and still work wildly! In addition, the program brings some useful functions.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Download the DeskSave program
  • Install the software
  • Now arrange your desktop the way you normally want to find it
  • Right click on the program in the taskbar
  • Click on Save main layout and then on ok
  • You can also save the layout for a backup by clicking on “Save to file”
  • In the BackUp archive you can retrieve the last changes again
  • If you want to clean up after a mess, click on “Restore main layout”
  • Done!

DeskSave is therefore exactly the right tool if you want to save the desktop icons layout and perhaps do not work very neatly on the computer. But just like in real life, tidiness is half the battle. Why not let us support you a little bit? We recommend the tool in any case!

Video tutorial:

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