Rotate Screen Windows 10 | Tutorial

Rotate Screen Windows 10

Rotate Screen Windows 10

The application possibilities on the computer have not only been particularly extensive since Corona. Even before that, streamers, stock gurus or simply people interested in news used a second screen. It could be worthwhile to rotate the screen in Windows 10 so that the information runs through in portrait mode like in a news feed. Streamers, for example, also like to use this for the chat of their own channel. The necessary functions are integrated into Windows right from the start, so you only have to take a look at where they can be found.

Windows 10 rotate screen keyboard shortcut:

There is also a shortcut for this function. Simply press CTRL + ALT + one of the arrow keys and the screen should realign itself. Unfortunately, this does not always work and we also had problems with it. We recommend to simply use the “normal” one. It only needs four clicks instead of the key combination, so you can’t talk about a big effort here.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Right click on the desktop
  • Select “Display settings”
  • Select the appropriate screen
  • In the “Scale and Layout” section, under Screen Orientation, you can switch from Landscape to Portrait
  • The modes (flipped) provide exactly the opposite orientation
  • Confirm the change
  • Done!

Rotating a screen in Windows 10 takes less than 30 seconds. The important thing is that you know the function and, best of all, that you are ready to rotate the monitor. Otherwise, even confirming the change could be exhausting. If in doubt, it helps to turn your head by 10 degrees so that you can move the mouse to the right buttons. We wish you a lot of fun with this!

Video tutorial:

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