Remove weather from taskbar Windows 10 | Tutorial

Remove weather from taskbar Windows 10

Remove weather from taskbar Windows 10

Some time ago, Windows enabled a new widget without the users’ consent. Thus, every user with the default settings finds a sun or clouds with temperatures at the bottom right, depending on the weather. The feature would be halfway useful if it didn’t hide important functions in the process, such as the ability to open all minimized programs in the taskbar. Therefore, in this post we will show you how to remove weather from the taskbar in Windows 10.

Remove Windows 10 weather – possible with a few clicks:

As is often the case, this is not a difficult problem to solve. It is more a matter of knowing where you can disable the function. If this is known, it is only 3 clicks to the desired setting. With our guide you don’t waste time searching. We will lead you directly to the solution!

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Make a right click on the taskbar
  • Select “News and interesting topics
  • Click on “Turn off”
  • Done!

As promised, the solution is quite easy, but as always, you need to know what to do. For tips like these and more, it may also be worth visiting our Youtube channel. Here we show you again and again simple ways how you can make the use of Windows and other programs even easier. Take a look!

Video tutorial:

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