How to screenshot on Windows 7 | Tutorial

How to screenshot on Windows 7

How to screenshot on Windows 7

If you want to know how to take a screenshot on Windows 7, we have several options for you. This can pay off especially if you are looking for a key combination without a pushbutton. Because this way should be known to almost everyone. So that you can decide for the suitable variant, we will present the two possibilities, so that you can make from now on fast in a screenshot onWindows 7. Because in the end, this was already very simple back then, even if the handling has become much easier in Windows 10.

Would you have known it? The snipping tool for screenshots was already available in Windows 7!

In addition to the screenshot via the pushbutton, there was already the possibility to use the snipping tool in Windows 7. Today, it is much easier to use in Windows 10, but it was already integrated in the basics back then. Unfortunately, you had to open it separately as a separate program first, whereas a key combination is enough today.

Step-by-step instructions:

Option 1 – The Print button:

  • Prepare everything as you want it in the image for the screenshot
  • Press the “Print” key (depending on your keyboard/device you may have to combine it with the FN – key)
  • Open a program for image editing (e.g. Paint)
  • Press CTRL+V
  • Save the image

Option 2: The Snipping Tool:

  • Go to Start -> All Programs -> the “Accessories” folder
    Select the Snipping Tool
    Press “New” in the Snipping Tool and mark the desired area. With the arrow at “New” you can also select other options for marking.
    After marking you can edit and save the screenshot

As you can see, taking screenshots in Windows 7 is quite easy, isn’t it? And maybe you learned something with the Snipping Tool today. In any case, this is useless knowledge that you can brag about to your friends. We are only too happy to do that…!

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