How to open HEIC file in Windows? | Tutorial

How to open heic file

How to open HEIC file in Windows?

With iOS 11 Apple has added a new file format for images. The so-called heic format is a space-saving and less error-prone alternative to the well-known jpg format. That heic files might replace jpgs in the long run is a quite justified thesis. At the moment, however, Microsoft offers only limited possibilities how to open a heic file. Without a suitable codec it is not even possible to view heic files. This can be quite tedious, especially when using Apple devices in form of smartphones and tablets in combination with a Windows computer. The solution of the problem is possible in different ways and depends strongly on the own requirements. Therefore you should distinguish whether you only want to be able to view and open heic files in Windows 10 or whether you also need to edit them in the form of image processing or video editing. But no matter what you need, we have compiled suitable solutions.

You can do this if you want to open or use heic files in Windows 10:

The good news is that if you just want to watch heic files, the Microsoft Store itself offers you suitable extensions. The free versions, however, are a little bit hidden and are sometimes hard to find despite precise searches. If you want to convert heic files, you can use one of the many converters that you can either install or simply use online (a recommendation can be found below).

Step-by-step instructions:

  • First log in to the Microsoft Store with your Microsoft account
  • Download the HEIF image extensions
  • Also download the HEVC video extension from the device manufacturer
  • IMPORTANT: Pay attention to the addition “from the device manufacturer”. There is also a HEVC video extension without this addition. This is also from Microsoft, but costs 0.99 Cent. The version linked above is free of charge!
  • Install both extensions
  • Done! You can now easily open heic files with the existing photo app in Windows 10
At the moment you may receive the following message in the Microsoft Store: HEVC video extensions from the device manufacturer are currently not available. In this case we offer you here an instruction how you can download the HEVC extension for free.

Viewing heic files as photos is fine, but not all programs can work with them. Therefore we would like to give you a hint how you can convert heic to jpg without having to install a program:

  • go to the website
  • Upload the desired files
  • Wait until all data is uploaded and converted
  • Download the data in jpg format
  • Done!

With these simple tips you can work with heic files in Windows 10. Unfortunately this is not yet a basic feature at Microsoft, which might change in the near future. Until then, you will find all the information you need and the files you need to convert from heic to jpg online.

Video tutorial:

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