How to install Fonts Windows 10 | Tutorial

How to install Fonts Windows 10

How to install Fonts Windows 10

Windows offers a large selection of fonts by default. However, especially for those who have their own projects in image editing, this will sometimes not be sufficient. It is also worthwhile for beginners who have a very special theme and want to know how to install fonts in Windows 10. In the meantime, it is easier than ever to install a font on your computer. Nevertheless, the question is searched for very often every month, so we thought a small contribution to this can’t hurt. And the best: If you follow these instructions, you can also fulfill your wish if you want new fonts for Photoshop or Word, because they will be available in these programs afterwards!

This is how to install fonts in Windows 10:

First of all, a little tip in advance. There are now many websites on the Internet where you can download fonts. Not all of them are reputable, so it’s best to check out the right websites in advance. You don’t want to end up downloading a virus. Also, when using fonts, you need to be aware of the creator’s rights. Some fonts are free to use for private purposes. But as soon as you go public with it, a purchase of the font may be necessary. So inform yourself well, otherwise it can be expensive!

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Download the font you want (just google for a font, there are usually countless results)
  • If the file is a .zip file, you have to unzip it first
  • Fonts are saved as .ttf files. You should find this in the .zip file
  • Double click on the .ttf file
  • In the new window you will get an overview of what the font looks like
  • Click on install in the upper left corner and confirm as administrator
  • If you have already opened the program in which you want to use the new font, you have to reload it, so that the new font is included
  • Done!

As you can see, there is actually no need for much guidance on this subject. But, as always, this is only the case if you already know the facts. We hope that we could help you anyway. If you have further questions, please visit us on Youtube and write us a comment there. Then we’ll be happy to see what else we can do for you!

Video tutorial:

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