How to change Language on Windows 7 | Tutorial

How to change Language on Windows 7

How to change Language on Windows 7

For those who do not use their computer alone or grow up bilingual, it might be of interest to know how to change the language on Windows 7. This is actually not difficult, it is as always only the question where the corresponding function is hidden. We would like to show you how to change the language under Windows 7 and which options are available. This way you stay flexible, no matter if you only want to test your language skills or if you want to provide the computer for a visitor from abroad.

Change language in Windows 7 – here’s how:

The key point is to know where to look. The function to change the language is located in the Windows Control Panel. If you find the point there, it is almost self-explanatory. However, if you don’t know this, you might despair a little at the search. Therefore, we would like to show you what exactly has to be done so that you can change the Windows language.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Click on “Start” (Windows button)
  • Select the Control Panel
  • Click on “Time, Language and Region” -> “Region and Language” -> Keyboards and Languages”
  • Go to “Display language” and install a language pack
  • After the installation you can select the appropriate package under “Display language”
  • Done!

With these simple and above all few steps you can change your language. That wasn’t difficult at all, was it? We hope that the tutorial could help you and wish you a lot of fun with it. If you have any further questions, just write us in the Youtube comments and we will be happy to produce a video for you! So feel free to have a look! By the way, if you need a solution for how to change the language in Windows 10, we also have a post ready for that!

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