How to change folder icon Windows 10 | Tutorial

How to change cursor on Windows 10

How to change folder icon Windows 10

Routine is a great advantage when working in Windows 10. This includes knowing the different icons around files and folders. But what if you want more variety? What if you want know how to change the folder icon in Windows 10? If you are such an absolutely crazy guy or just want to know how to do that, then we will now explain how you can do that with preset icons from Windows and also your own images.

Change Windows folder icon with custom images:

The own images are a little bit difficult, but don’t need any special background knowledge. For images to be suitable for this task they have to be 32×32 pixels on the one hand and on the other hand they have to be available as ico-file. Programs like Gimp can save directly in this format. But it is also possible in Paint. But here you have to save the image as a .bmp file and replace the extension with .ico afterwards.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Right-click on the folder and select “Properties”
  • Switch to the “Customize” tab
  • Click on “Other icon” further down
  • At the bottom you can use predefined icons from Windows
  • At the top you can also use your own images by clicking on “Browse”. But follow the tips above in the article how to edit the images
  • Click on “OK” and in the previous window on “Apply”
  • Done!

As you can see, it is not difficult to change the icon of the folder in Windows 10 and also to use your own images. We hope that this will give you the necessary individuality to set up your system. You can also find more helpful tutorials about Windows on our Youtube channel. We are looking forward to your visit there as well!

Video tutorial:

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