How to change cursor on Windows 10 | Tutorial

How to change cursor on Windows 10

How to change cursor on Windows 10

Changing the cursor in Windows 10 can be a matter of taste alone. Therefore, if you are looking for interesting alternatives, you will also find them in Windows itself. However, this change can also help users who might have difficulties using small user interfaces. For example, it makes sense in this context to change the cursor so that a particularly large version of it can be used in Windows 10, so that even older people can see where they are at a glance. This is comparable to a smartphone or watches with particularly large letters and numbers.

Change only the cursor or the entire scheme on Windows 10:

Various symbols are coordinated with the cursor. Links turn the pointer into a hand with an index finger and for loading times, there used to be the hourglass and now there is the loading wheel. Thus, there is also the consideration of not only changing the cursor, but also using a completely new package, a so-called scheme. Windows 10 offers a larger selection of these.

Step-by-step instructions:

Click on Start
Select the “Settings” -> “Devices”
Select “Mouse” on the left side of the tabs
Click on “Additional mouse options”
In the tab “Pointer” you will now find settings options
At the bottom you can select the respective pointer and use a different symbol for it via “Browse
Alternatively you can use a completely different skin pack at “scheme” above
If you are satisfied, click on “Apply”

It is always nice when Windows itself offers corresponding options without having to download new cursors, for example. This way, the desired change can be made with just a few clicks. So we wish you a lot of fun with the new look of your cursor!

Video tutorial:

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