How to add app to Auto Start Windows 10 (if missing in selection) | Tutorial

How to add app to Auto Start Windows 10

How to add app to Auto Start Windows 10 (if missing in selection) | Tutorial

In former times everything was simpler! At least with the autostart of programs in Windows that’s true! Everything in the autostart folder and ready! Even the younger generation knew that back then. Today, this is a bit more difficult under Windows 10 and sometimes programs are missing in the Autostart, so that the desired settings can not be made. However, we have found a way how to add an app to Auto start in Windows 10.

Add programs to Windows 10 Autostart – here’s how:

In general, the procedure is similar to the one from before. Find the right autostart folder and you can simply copy the appropriate programs into it. But this is not so easy anymore, because there are different autostart folders in Windows. But the result is not always the same…

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Enter %Appdata% in the Windows search
  • Click on Microsoft -> Windows -> Start menu -> Programs -> Autostart
    Add here a shortcut of the desired program, which was not found under Autostart so far
  • Tip: You can quickly find shortcuts via the Start menu. Click on the Windows logo and enter the name of the program. When it appears, right-click and select “Open File Location”. This is how you get to the shortcuts quickly
  • Done!

Video tutorial:

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