Change Language Windows 10 | Tutorial

Change Language Windows 10

Change Language Windows 10

If you have ordered a computer from another country, you might be looking for a way to change language in Windows 10. For this, the operating system offers corresponding options that need to be found. Of course, this could be difficult if the system is set to a different language. We would therefore like to show you how you can change the Windows language. Even if the system is set to another language, you should be able to get to the desired menus. If nothing else helps, we recommend you take a look at our video tutorial. This way you can find the right functions even if you don’t know the language.

How to change language on Windows 10:

This probably won’t help everyone, but we have experienced it ourselves that not everything was implemented immediately despite the appropriate setting. For example, the search field was still in German for a few minutes, even though it shouldn’t be. In many cases, a restart and a little patience helps so that the system can set everything correctly. Note that you also need an Internet connection for the change, if the language is not already available. New language packs always have to be downloaded.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Click on “Start” in Windows
  • Select the cogwheel (Settings)
  • Click on “Time and Language” and in the left tab on “Language”
  • Now set the desired language in the individual areas by clicking on it
  • If there is no other language available, you can also download another one under “Preferred languages” under “Add language”
  • IMPORTANT: After changing the Windows language, a system restart may be necessary
  • Done!

The question of how to change the keyboard language in Windows 10 often comes up. In the language menus, you can not only change the display language, but also the keyboard, speech recognition and apps. So click through to the language options and then select the right functions for you. These are actually hard to miss and you can see them in our video tutorial.

Video tutorial:

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