Change computer name in Windows 10 | Tutorial

Change Computer Name Windows 10

Change computer name in Windows 10

When you buy a new computer, it usually has a rather meaningless device name. This means that it can still be reliably distinguished from others in networks. But how do you know which one is your computer? We will show you how to change the computer name in Windows 10 and make it clear that the computer is yours. The function is not difficult to find once you know where it is.

Computer name is not the same as user name:

There are two levels for naming. The lowest is the device itself. That’s what we’ll deal with in this post. Beyond that, you can create different users on the device. Even if you have only one user, it has nothing to do with the nmen of your computer. Therefore, if you don’t need to change the device name and are looking for a solution for your username, we have a suitable post for that as well.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Make a right click on the Windows button
  • Click on System
  • In the middle you will find your device name
  • Click on “Rename this PC” to change it
  • Give it a new name
  • Click on Next
  • Restart your computer for the changes to take effect
  • Done!

Changing your computer name in Windows 10 is possible within 20 seconds and a reboot. We hope this has helped you bring order to your networks and programs that use the device name for listing. If you have friends with the same question, feel free to direct them to this post. We hope you continue to enjoy using Windows!

Video tutorial:

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