Automatic shut down Windows 7 | Tutorial

Automatic shut down Windows 7

Automatic shut down Windows 7

Have you ever tried to perform an automatic shut down in Windows 7? And without any programs at all? The good news: This is possible! Especially those who want to keep their PC running for updates or other work can use this function. This way, the PC shuts down at a desired time and does not run all night. This way you can save a lot of power in the long run and you don’t have to wait until the processes are finished. We will show you exactly how to do this, so that even as a beginner you can easily create a corresponding file with which you can automatically shut down the PC.

Shut down Windows automatically with just one file:

Self is the man or woman. To let Windows shut down by itself you only have to create a separate file. No other program is necessary. How this works and which parameters are necessary, we will explain in the next paragraph. This way you can estimate exactly which parameters you need and how to set them to meet your requirements.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Right-click on the desktop in Windows
  • Go to “New” -> Shortcut
  • Type the following:

%windir%\System32\shutdown.exe -s -f -t 3600

  • Click on “Next” and assign a name
    • -s stands for shut down
    • -f stands for ignore messages that certain files and folders are still open. The shutdown is thus forced
    • -t stands for time, i.e. the time that is specified after the parameter in seconds
  • If you now double-click on the file, Windows will be shut down as desired at the appropriate time
  • If you want to abort the process, use the same file, but with only the -a parameter

All parameters can be found here:

  • Go to “Start” and type “cmd”
  • Type “shutdown”
  • At the top of the list you will find all parameters with explanation, which you can use with your shortcut
  • Done!

Conclusion: Actually, such a file belongs on every computer if you can’t shut down your PC directly. It not only saves power, but also time, because you can’t wait for the shutdown. And since Windows also outputs all parameters and explains them in detail, it can be assumed that Microsoft also strongly recommends this procedure to its users. We definitely use it regularly for rendering videos!

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