Pop out Twitch chat | Tutorial

Pop out Twitch chat

Pop out Twitch chat

Twitch is a great platform to spend a lot of time with streamers and their interesting community. Especially in the chat, there is often a nice conversation going on, where a stream can sometimes become a minor matter. But if you want to follow the chat and the stream in full screen, you will quickly have a problem. But there is a way to pop out Twitch chat, so that it can be used in a separate window, for example on a second monitor. We show you how it works!

Twitch chat in a separate window – possible without any extra tools:

Very few users will know that Twitch provides the corresponding function for a chat pop out itself. However, very few viewers try to look for it in the settings. Therefore, we will show you where to find the practical and easy-to-use function on the Twitch page.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Open the stream where you want to have the chat as a popout
  • Click on the cogwheel under the input field for chat messages
  • Select “Popout Chat”
  • Done!

As you can see, the function is easy to find. By the way, if you want to undo the whole thing, just close the chat window. The original chat will start loading again. By the way, if you click on Refresh chat before, it will run in both windows. So you stay completely flexible, depending on how you want to follow the stream. And from here on, have fun watching the stream on Twitch!

Video tutorial:

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