KEKW Meaning Twitch – How to use Better Twitch TV Emotes | Tutorial

KEKW Meaning Twitch

KEKW Meaning Twitch – How to use Better Twitch TV Emotes

It happens again and again that the question arises in the chat of Twitch what the meaning of KEKW is. Because this is posted quite often and confuses users directly twice. The reason for this is the Better Twitch TV extension. This offers a variety of different emotes, so that the chat becomes even more colorful and above all offers a lot of variety to the Twitch emotes. KEKW on Twitch is especially popular because it comes from a meme. Those who know the meme and also Better Twitch TV will immediately understand the context in which it is used. Those who lack BTTV, on the other hand, are at a loss. Therefore, we explain to you what to do!

Use KEKW on Twitch yourself. This is how it works:

The trick is simple. Download BTTV and now you can enter KEKW in the chat like all other users. Through the extension in your browser, however, the text does not remain, but it is used by the well-known emote, which stands for a nasty, but very funny laugh. So if something didn’t work out with the streamer again, give him your beautiful smile with KEKW!

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Go to BetterTTV
  • Select your browser and click on “Download”
  • Install the plugin in the desired browser and restart the browser
  • Go to Twitch and post the desired emotes
  • Done!

But beware: not every streamer likes the emote! Similar to Kappa, KEKW is not very popular with some streamers. Therefore, it may be that streamers block or replace the emote. For example, if you use the KEKW emote on the streamer Liiipy, you’ll get a lettering in red that says “I’m stupid”. Is certainly also funny, but in a different way!

Video tutorial:

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