How to watch multiple Twitch Streams at once with Multitwitch | Tutorial

How to watch multiple Twitch Streams at once

How to watch multiple Twitch Streams at once with Multitwitch

Sometimes it’s just hard to decide. Which streamer should you watch on Twitch? And maybe they even play together or against each other? Then it would be exciting to know how to watch multiple Twitch streams at once to have all angles. With Multitwitch, this is possible without any problems nowadays. It’s very easy to use, since Multitwitch works as a simple website and all you have to do is generate an individual Multitwitch link that includes the names of the streamers on Twitch. Besides, the website offers some pleasant features.

This is the advantage of the Multitwitch Stream:

If you use Multitwitch, you can not only watch two Twitch streams at once, but also have both chats directly on the side. The clearly arranged website allows you to be right in the middle of the action, and not just for one stream. It’s a good alternative to opening Twitch in two windows, since you have all the settings in one browser window. Since the only challenge is to set up Multitwitch, i.e. to create the appropriate link, we want to focus on exactly that with this tutorial.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Go to Multitwitch
  • Paste the first streamer after the “/” at the top of the address line
  • Add again a “/” and then the name of the second streamer
  • You can also watch other streams at the same time, but they will load your internet and your PC
  • This way you get both streams and have both chats active on the right side
  • Done!

As you can see, using the website is quite simple and allows you to enter the multitwitch link correctly in just a few steps and without any prior knowledge. You only need the names of the streamers, which are best copied from the Twitch link. So the whole thing is only a matter of a few seconds, so you can also quite spontaneously still go to this solution. We wish you a lot of fun watching your favorite streamers.

Video tutorial:

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