How to link Amazon Prime to Twitch (Prime Gaming) | Tutorial

How to link Amazon Prime to Twitch

How to link Amazon Prime to Twitch (Prime Gaming)

Twitch is nowadays a very popular platform to pass your free time. Whether you’re streaming yourself, actively watching, or actually just want a background flicker, Twitch is perfect. And thanks to Amazon, Twitch users with Prime Gaming get many benefits, such as a free subscription to one of their own favorite streamers. So in this post, we’d like to show you two ways how to link Amazon Prime to Twitch. This is actually quite simple, but due to the high demand in this area, we feel obliged to share this knowledge. So stay tuned so you can benefit from the many advantages.

That’s why you should connect Amazon with Twitch:

As a Prime Gaming user, you have many advantages – and they’re completely free. If you have Amazon Prime, you don’t have to pay anything extra for Prime Gaming. In addition to the free subscription for a streamer, there is often also Loot for games such as Fortnite, Destiny and many others. This way, you can equip your own character with cool visual accessories without paying a cent extra. However, the Prime Sub should be especially interesting, since you can subscribe to a streamer without extra costs. The streamers still get the sub money and are happy about your subscription!

Step-by-step instructions:

Way 1 – on the page of Twitch:

  • Go to Twitch
  • Click on the top right of the channel image and “Settings”
  • Switch to the “Prime Gaming” tab
  • Click on “Try Prime Gaming”
  • Select “Connect Twitch account” in the top left corner
  • Log in to Amazon and confirm the link
  • Done!

Way 2 – on the page of Amazon:

  • Click on “Hello [name], account and lists” in the top right corner
  • Select the item “Prime” on the right
  • Click on the item “Prime Gaming”
  • Scroll down to the item “Link your Twitch account”
  • Log in to Twitch and confirm the link
  • Done!

As you can see, it’s not difficult to connect Amazon Prime with Twitch. So if you want to benefit from the many advantages of both platforms, you can do it in a few seconds. We hope the tutorial was helpful for you and you also have a look at our Youtube channel. This way you will find out many more great tips about Twitch that will give you added value on the platform!

Video tutorial:

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