How to find Twitch stream key | Tutorial

Twitch Stream Key

How to find Twitch stream key

If you want to start streaming, you have to prepare a lot. Oberlays, settings in OBS or another program and much more. One of the more common questions is where to find the Twitch stream key, which is necessary to transmit the data to your channel. We have taken on the topic and show you where you can find the Twitch Stream Key, how to copy it and what else you might want to look out for. Because with the stream key also comes a certain security risk.

That’s why you should take good care of your Twitch Stream key:

As mentioned before, the stream key is the link between OBS and your channel. the problem: Twitch doesn’t control if it’s you, of course. Therefore, whoever has your stream key can stream on your channel. Therefore, avoid that someone can see your key or save it. If you are unsure, you should change it immediately to remain the sole master of your streams.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Go to Twitch
  • Click on your profile picture in the top right corner and on “Creator Dashboard”
  • Switch to “Settings” and “Stream
  • In the top center is your stream key. With the button you can copy it directly
  • If you want to change the key for security reasons, click on “Reset”
  • Done!

Actually, that wasn’t particularly difficult, was it? We are always surprised how often such simple questions are asked. Nevertheless, we hope to have helped you with this post and wish you a lot of fun streaming on Twitch. And don’t forget: Always keep your stream key secret! Then you’ll be successful on Twitch in the long run!

Video tutorial:

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