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How to change Twitch Name

Change Twitch Name

If you want to change your Twitch name it’s really easy. And we didn’t think a post was necessary, but overall the topic is searched over 10,000 times a month. Therefore, we will show you how to change a Twitch name. In addition, it is also pleasing ,that you can also change the display name. This has the advantage that you can determine yourself how the upper and lower case of your name is. By default, Twitch adopts the name in lowercase letters only.

Change Twitch name – these are the important tips you should follow:

Your Twitch name reflects you as a person. Sounds logical at first, because that’s what names are for. But this is also important for the Twitch system. Because while the channel points and also your subscription streaks remain, since your account ID is used at Twitch for it (and you only change the optics – so the name). However, some tools like Nightbot only grab the name. Therefore, if your favorite streamer also tracks their own points with Nightbot, they would be lost if you change your name. Often the mods offer to transfer the points. So if you want to change this, it’s best to check with the mods first, otherwise your points are gone!

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Go to
  • Click on the picture of your user in the upper right corner
  • Select “Settings
  • Scroll down to the profile settings
  • Under “Username” you can enter your new name. Confirm the input with your password
  • Underneath you can change your display name, i.e. set upper and lower case
  • Done!

Changing your Twitch name is therefore very easy if you know where to look. But since there was so much interest, we still wanted to clarify this. Since more questions may arise in this context, we already link two important topics that we will get to the bottom of next days:

Video tutorial:

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