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Thunderbird Out Of Office Message

There are many good reasons for automatic messages in Thunderbird: away appointments, meetings or even vacation. Therefore, the question arises quickly how to set an out of office message in Thunderbird. In this article, we would like to go into more detail about the automatic reply in Thunderbird and, in addition to the exact procedure, also provide some important information. Because this function is not always suitable if you are away from home for a few days.

Automatic answer Yes – Absence note No!

Generally Thunderbird works with different filters. Mail X from sender Y is forwarded to other people or answered. This can be set according to your own preferences. However, since this function only works properly when the program is running, it is not suitable when you go on vacation and turn off the computer. Therefore, you should rather use it for a good organization while you are at the computer anyway.

Step-by-step instructions:

Important: The out of office notification only works as long as Thunderbird is active!
If you shut down your PC or just close Thunderbird, the automatic reply will not work anymore. This is because the reply is sent out only after new mails are retrieved. Therefore we recommend that you create the out of office message online with your mail provider!

First, create a template that you want to use to reply to incoming mails:

  • Launch Thunderbird
  • Click on “Write”
  • Enter a subject and write the message that should be sent out as a reply
  • Click on “File” -> “Save as” -> “Template”
  • You can close the mail now

This is how you set the automatic reply:

  • Click on the three bars in the upper right corner
  • Select “Tools” -> “Message Filters”
  • Click on New on the right
  • Enter a filter name
  • Uncheck “Manually Run” and set message retrieval to “Run after junk Classification”
  • Select the item “Match all messages”
  • In the Actions look for the item “Reply with template” and set the template you have created
  • Click OK
  • Make sure that there is a check mark next to your absence in the filter menu. The automatic reply is now active
  • Important: Do not click on “Run now”. This will send out the note also to old messages
  • Done!

All in all, automatic messages are possible and with the right rules they make perfect sense. In our opinion, they are not suitable as an out-of-office message for vacations. Nevertheless, we hope that we could show you the pros and cons with this post! And now we wish you continued success in using Thunderbird!

Video tutorial:

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