Steam not recognizing installed game | Tutorial

Steam not recognizing installed game

Steam not recognizing installed game

We have already shown in some Steam tutorials how to get Steam games running again if there are errors at startup or if they simply crash. But suppose Steam does not recognize installed games anymore? What to do? What about the game scores and how do you get them running again? This may seem shocking at first, but the answer is usually found quickly and the game is ready to play again in a few seconds. As always, you just have to know where to press the right buttons in the Steam settings. In most cases we can reassure you in any case, because probably your game is not gone and also your memory levels should still be there (of course there is no guarantee in general). In any case, we advise you to stay calm and just work through the manual.

For a better basic understanding, here is how your games are installed:

You can assign as many sources as you like to Steam for saving games and scores. Usually there is a default drive on which the games are stored without further requests. But you can change the Steam drive, for example if you want to switch to a SSD or if you want to separate the hard drives by genre. Steam recognizes games on hard disk as long as the hard disk is stored in a directory. And that might not be the case for you right now. We will change that now.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Start Steam
  • Click on “Steam” and “Settings” at the top left
  • Select the “Downloads” tab
  • Click on “Steam libraries Folders” under ” Content Libraries”
  • Here the suitable drive might not be included. Therefore click on “Add library folder”
  • Select the appropriate directory and folder with the games
  • Click on “Select”
  • Done!

So you can change the Steam hard drive and you will notice that your game is magically listed as installed again and you can start right away. With this menu it is also possible to install Steam games on an external hard drive and take them to a friend’s house. So you can start playing there quickly. Now we wish you a lot of fun with your gambling again!

Video tutorial:

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