Steam Inventory Helper – How to sell multiple items on Steam | Tutorial

Steam Inventory Helper

Steam Inventory Helper – How to sell multiple items on Steam

If you want to earn a little money with Steam, you can’t avoid the Steam Market. For example, we have earned 175 euros through the article shown. And that quite easily. But now the question is how to sell many items at once on Steam?! The solution is the Steam Inventory Helper, which you can activate as an extension in your own browser. This makes it possible to sell several items at once in Steam, because you can select for them together. The extension is available for Chrome and is an absolute must for every trader of the platform. After all, who wants to sell 1000 items by hand?

Sell Steam Items – possible with the SIH in a few seconds:

The problem with the Steam market is that every offer has to be made individually. This is not changed by the Steam Inventory Helper. But the program can process the individual queries automatically, so that this process, even if it can take longer, is simply possible in the background, while you yourself pursue other activities. For example, we set 250 items. The process took about 15 minutes. If we had clicked ourselves, it probably wouldn’t have happened nearly as quickly, so we simply made meaningful free time out of the waiting time while the program set everything for us. Therefore, anyone who wants to sell multiple Steam items at the same time can benefit from SIH.

Step-by-step instructions:

Warning in advance: SIH was found in the code to spy on your browser history and perform extensive monitoring of your browsing activities. You should be aware of this when using the tool, and it is best to remove it afterwards. Reddit post.

  • Download the Steam Inventory Helper
  • Log in to your Steam account at the top right of the extension
  • You may need to confirm this with Steam Guard
  • Now open Steam and go to the marketplace
  • Select the items and click on “Sell X(number) items
  • Enter prices in the sale window and click on Auto-Sell All in the upper left corner
  • Done!

As you can see, a simple installation in the browser and a login is enough to quickly become a versatile trader on Steam. But you should also pay attention to the mentioned thread on Reddit, which shows that SIH demands clear permissions. Everyone must be able to reconcile this with themselves. We used the program for trades and then uninstalled it until we needed it again. This could be a sensible course of action.

Video tutorial:

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