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Steam Hide Game Activity

Steam Hide Game Activity

Have you ever thought about a game that you would like to test, but you don’t want your friends to “catch” you? Then you should hide your Steam game activity! Friends can then see that you are online, but not whether you are in the game and especially not which game you are playing. This way you can also prevent your friends in Steam from seeing your past game activity and thus determine how much game time you have in certain titles. So it’s time to go underground!

Hiding your Steam activity is possible in different settings:

Hiding your Steam activity from others is not only possible for games. Rather, you can also decide to assign your profile to yourself. The settings are possible globally or can be split up. So you can decide for yourself if some parts of your activities should be visible. Also note that some APIs require this public activity. In case of doubt, this can be quickly activated again later.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Launch Steam
  • Click on your profile name in the top right corner
  • Select “Edit my profile” and switch to the “Privacy settings” tab on the left side
  • Change the “Game Details” item from Public or Friends Only to Private
  • This will hide your status and also the name of the active game
  • You can make similar settings for your friends list or your inventory as well
  • Done!

If you do everything right, then you only need five clicks to make the switch. Actually quite simple, isn’t it? However, finding the appropriate functions in Steam can be quite difficult, since there are really a lot of points that you can set. We hope we could help you and wish you a lot of fun, even with questionable games… 😉

Video tutorial:

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