Steam games not launching / fix | Tutorial

Steam games not launching

Steam games not launching / fix

Steam is a wonderful platform with a wide range of offers. A hundred Steam games or more are not uncommon. But what do you do if Steam games are not launching anymore? In our multi-part series we get to the bottom of the most common Steam bugs so that you can play again quickly if possible. This also helps if the Steam game does not start and there is no error message. But the most important thing at this point is to stay calm. Why your game is causing problems in Steam is hard to say in general. It depends on the game, your PC settings and other factors. So if one tutorial doesn’t work, just try the next one. Since software is always evolving, we will continue to do so in the future so that you always have the right answers.

Steam is not launching games? This could help:

In order to find the respective error, it is of great advantage if you pay attention to error messages. As described above, there are cases where there is no error message, but not always. If you get an error message, this is an easy way to find out the reason for the game crash. Our guides are intended as a last resort. Steam does not open or Steam games do not launch? Then you are in the right place. Otherwise you should use “good old Google” and enter your error message.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Go to Start -> Computer -> your local disk -> Program (x86) -> Steam -> SteamApps -> Common and select the game
  • Now go to the folder called “Bin” or “Binaries” and then also Win32
  • The structure of the folders can vary. So just search until you find the application file to start the game
  • Delete your shortcut on the desktop and copy the application from the SteamApp folder to the desktop
  • Right click on the application
  • Click on “Handling compatibility problems”
  • Select “Test recommended settings”
  • Once this has been checked, start the program as the manager wishes
  • Done!

If the Steam error continues to occur, then this is the second part. Otherwise, we hope you found the instructions useful and you can continue playing from now on. We would also appreciate it if you could send this guide to your friends when their Steam games do not launch anymore. Due to the large amount of positive feedback we have received, we are now sure that we can help your friends with such mistakes as well. And from here on have fun again!

Video tutorial:

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