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Steam FPS Counter

Steam FPS Counter / Steam show FPS

FPS are important for every gamer. It is not only used to indicate, but it is also very easy to find out the load of one’s own computer during gaming. If you wanted a Steam FPS Counter, you could only do that via programs like Fraps or OBS in the past. Today, however, Steam itself offers a function so that displaying FPS in Steam is no longer a problem. This way, you are up to date within seconds and know if a lag in the game is caused by your own PC or if it could be caused by the Internet or the other person. In any case, a useful tool that has now been integrated into Steam.

Why you should display FPS in Steam:

It can be worthwhile to display the FPS ingame in Steam just to find out the appropriate settings for your hardware and software. Many games can run in more than 60 FPS today. This feature is practical so that you can quickly convince yourself of the right settings. And even big computer magazines use the number of FPS as a performance indicator for graphics cards and the like. Therefore, it can be useful to keep an eye on the FPS display in Steam in any case.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Start Steam
  • Click on “Steam” -> Settings in the upper left corner
  • Switch to the “In game” tab
  • Click at FPS display in game in the menu and select the position
  • Check the box above “Enable Steam overlay in game”
  • Click OK at the bottom
  • Done!

As expected, it was once again not difficult to display FPS in Steam. However, as always, it is important to know where to find the corresponding function in the settings. We hope to have simplified the search for you with this article and to offer you more time to play. So now have fun with gaming and the display of FPS in Steam games. Good luck!

Video tutorial:

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