Steam family sharing – how to activate it | Tutorial

Steam family sharing

Steam family sharing – how to activate it

More and more Steam users own hundreds of games. And even if you’ve already had a lot of fun with them, some of them you will certainly never touch again. Steam Family Sharing is a great way to give your family and friends access. You can share Steam games so that your friends can play them without paying anything. So the Steam Family Library feature is a great way to save money and still be able to play. And the Family Sharing settings on Steam aren’t hard to set up either, but as always, you need to know where this feature is hidden. That’s why we’d like to explain in a few seconds how you can share the Steam Library and at the same time have yourself added to the Steam Library by your friends. So let’s get started, then you can start gambling right away!

Play at the same time? This is not possible with Steam family sharing!

Probably the most common question about the setup is whether you can play in the Steam Family Library at the same time. The answer is Jain. When the owner of the game starts the game, the partner in the Family Sharing gets the info that he will be logged out of the game in 5 minutes. So unless you are playing games that only last a few seconds, it is probably not possible. The reason is also clear. If both play and only one pays, it is a bad bill for the developer. Because who wants to work at half price.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Start Steam
  • Go to Steam -> Settings
  • Go to the “Family” tab
  • Click on “Authorize this computer”
  • IMPORTANT: Now everybody has to do this on the computer of his friend / family member. (So that you and your friend are authorized on the computer). So only do this if you can always trust the person
  • If you have done this on the other person’s computer, you can check the “Share” checkbox under each name
  • Press “OK” at the end
  • Done!

Our conclusion: Setting up the family library on Steam is therefore very easy and offers the possibility to get to know many games without having to pay for them yourself. When friends exchange games in this way you can save a lot of money and still have hours of fun. We therefore advise everyone to activate the Steam Family Library and wish you lots of fun while trying and playing! If something doesn’t work, you will also find many articles about Steam games.

Video tutorial:

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