How to take a screenshot on Steam (& change key) | Tutorial

How to take a screenshot on Steam

How to take a screenshot on Steam (& change key)

A game can be as beautiful as it is. If you can’t share the best moments, it’s only half as exciting. Therefore, we would like to show you in this article, how to take a screenshot on Steam and also change the screenshot button if necessary. It’s actually quite simple, but since this question comes up quite often, we would like to offer some help.

Why would you want to change the screenshot button?

This often has to do with one’s own preference for key combinations in games. If you want to assign F12 to another key, the screenshot key will get in the way. But even if the key is simply too far away to be pressed quickly, a reassignment can be worthwhile. If you have a mouse with many function keys, you can simply put the screenshot key on this input device. Quite practical, in our opinion! By the way, if you’re wondering where to find the Steam screenshot folder, we’ve made a separate tutorial for that!

Step-by-step instructions:

How to take a screenshot?

  • By default the screenshot is on the F12 key

How to change the screenshot button?

  • Start Steam
  • Click on “Steam” -> Settings in the upper left corner
  • Switch to the “In game” tab
  • On the right you will find the screenshot key combination
  • Click on the X to delete the current key and assign a new one if needed
  • Click OK at the bottom
  • Done!

As you can see, it’s actually quite simple, but if you don’t know where the function is, you’ll quickly get lost. We hope that the tutorial has helped you and that we will see you again on our Youtube channel in the future. There you will find a lot of other Steam tutorials. Just take a look!

Video tutorial:

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