How to refund a game on Steam | Tutorial

Steam refund

How to refund a game on Steam

How to refund a game on Steam is probably the most clicked video on our Youtube channel. And that is very understandable. In the past you could return games in a department store and get a refund. With pure downloads it looked different for a long time. And even now the refund on Steam has a catch: For a Steam refund it is important that you do not own the game for more than 14 days and have played less than 2 hours. If you meet both criteria, you will get money back from Steam. Otherwise the game will be deleted from the library. You should therefore not take too much time when testing Steam games and return them quickly. Nevertheless, this is a great way to get to know great new games and not to buy a pig in a poke, which can quickly go into money, especially with alleged AAA – titles. From there much success with Steam refund!

We are always asked how long the steam refund takes:

This question is not so easy to answer, because Steam gives little insight into its own support. If you refund Steam games, the payback sometimes takes place within minutes. Other users sometimes wait up to a week. We therefore recommend that you simply remain calm and expect up to seven days. If nothing has happened, it may be worthwhile to contact support again.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Start Steam
  • Go to “Help” -> “Steam Support”
  • Select the game you want to refund. Often this can be found under “Recent Products”, if not, search for it under “Games, Software, etc.”
  • Select “It’s not what I expected”
  • Click on “I’d like to request a refund”
  • Select a refund type
  • Choose a suitable reason (e.g. “it’s not fun”)
  • Click on “Submit request”
  • Done!

Important: For the return to be successful on Steam, two criteria must be met. You may not own the game for 14 days and have not played for two hours.

As you can see, it is very easy to initiate the Steam refund. The only question is how long it will take to process and if the money will be refunded. But if you don’t like the game, this is the most sensible way to proceed. Because even keeping a game if you don’t like it makes very little sense. So we wish you a lot of fun playing the game and if not, then have fun getting your money back!

Video tutorial:

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