How to find Steam ID | Tutorial

How to find Steam ID

How to find Steam ID

Every Steam user has their own Steam ID. Knowing this can be an advantage when it comes to using third-party tools or so that other users can find your profile. But how can you find out your Steam ID? As with so many Steam settings, it’s actually difficult once you know the right way. Before that, however, it could take a bit of trial and error until you find the function. Therefore, we would like to shorten this path for you and show you where you can find your Steam ID.

Why should I know my Steam ID?

Especially for third-party applications, we have already published a few articles in the past. For example, you can calculate the value of your Steam account based on the items in your inventory or your games. This is not vital, but it is very interesting for anyone who wants to know an approximate value. And as already mentioned, if you want to present your profile to your friends. Because not for nothing there are many backgrounds and possibilities to decorate your own profile.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Open Steam
  • Go to your username in the top right corner and click on “Profile”
  • Click on the button “Edit profile” on the right
  • In the middle you will find the Custom URL. This is your Steam ID
  • In the field below you can change the ID, for example to match your username
  • If you are satisfied with the change, scroll down and click on “Save”
  • Done!

With a few clicks you can find your ID and change it individually if needed. We hope that this article has helped you. If your friends have similar questions, you can simply forward the article to them or brag about your knowledge yourself. We wish you continued success and fun with your games on Steam!

Video tutorial:

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