How to earn Steam money (10$ become 175$) | Tutorial

How to Earn Steam Money

How to earn Steam money (10$ become 175$)

Steam not only offers the largest collection of games, but also the possibility to buy and sell virtual items with Steam credits on the marketplace. And also we have shown years ago in a video, how you can earn pocket money by selling the collectible cards. But now we would like to go a step further and show how you can really earn Steam credits worth mentioning. The whole thing is really possible, without any dubious methods. But it requires a little preparation, information and also has something of stock trading and old wine. So if you think you can earn something every 5 minutes, you’re wrong.

This is how you can earn Steam money and here’s what you need to keep in mind:

As I said, the important thing is the preparation. You will see, as in our video, that we have earned 175 dollars. But the preparation for this took 10 euros and about one and a half years. The time periods are usually also possible with other amounts, but in our example also 40 euros stake and 700 euros profit would have been possible. We didn’t want to overdo it right away, though, and we felt that using a Steam credit of 10 euros was okay and realistic for young users as well. In any case, the method can help you to always buy the latest games, once the procedure is known and gets rolling.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Go to the marketplace in Steam
  • Select the game Counterstrike CS:GO and filter for weapon crates
  • Set the price to show you the cheapest crates (usually 4 cents per crate)
  • Make sure that the crate will hold this price for several (3-4) years. The longer, the more likely that it can rise in price again (because no new crates are dropping).
  • Wait !!! 1-2 !! Years
  • Sell the crates for a good price (in our example for 80 cents)
  • Repeat if needed
  • Done!

As you can see, it really works. The only “catch” is the time and the selection of the right boxes. For this, we will link you to an article below, which provides the boxes and appropriate information, so that you can convince yourself more accurately. By the way, you don’t have to sell all the crates individually at the end. In the next tutorial we will explain how you can sell several Steam items at the same time and how the effort can be kept within limits. This way you can earn a lot of Steam money. We hope you enjoyed the whole thing!

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