How to add Non Steam Games to Steam | Tutorial

How to add Non Steam Games

How to add Non Steam Games to Steam

Steam is an interesting platform from which to play and work, with its large selection and clear library. But why work? The library also allows you to integrate applications that do not belong to Steam. So how to add non Steam Games to Steam and launch them from there? This makes Steam the perfect starting point for all tasks. We also use the function for Audacity, for example, a software for audio editing, which in itself has nothing to do with gaming. And yet it works!

How to add non-steam games to Steam?

We use a function in Steam that is intended for adding unrecognized games manually afterwards. However, the function is also suitable for third-party games and programs as described. If you know the procedure, you can quickly add all important applications and make sure you have everything you need in one place.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • First open Steam and go to your library
  • In the lower left corner click on “+ Add game” -> Add a non-Steam game
  • Now either choose from the suggested list or click on Browse to find more programs
  • Not only games are possible this way, but also any other software application
  • Done!

As you can see, Steam offers an interesting and kind of funny feature here. Steam would not have to offer this functionality. But since it is available, users can use it for their own everyday life on the computer. In any case, we will continue to use it in some programs. And now continue to have fun on Steam!

Video tutorial:

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