How to clear queue on Spotify | Tutorial

How to clear queue on Spotify

How to clear queue on Spotify

On Spotify, you can explore the whole world of music – but you can’t listen to it all at once…. That’s what the queue is for. You can add individual songs to the queue and in this way ensure that they are played in that specific order. But what if your wishes have changed? How to clear the Spotify queue? Since the queue is not so easy to find, we would like to show you how to find it and how you can eventually remove individual songs or clear the whole list to adjust it to your current preferences.

The most important question first: how to see the Spotify queue in the first place?

Adding songs to the queue is actually very easy with a right click. However, in our opinion, the queue is not as easy to find as one would like. While it is a very easily accessible button, it is not meaningful enough. Therefore, if you are looking for the queue in Spotify, you will find the button at the bottom right, next to the microphone. It consists of three bars, with the top bar looking like an elongated bubble.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Launch Spotify
  • Right click on the icon that consists of 3 bars (the top bar looks like an elongated bubble)
  • Right click on the song you want to remove and select “Remove from queue”
  • You can also CTRL-click on multiple songs before right-clicking to remove them
  • If you want to delete the whole Spotify queue, you will find the button “Delete queue” in the upper right corner
  • Done!

Deleting is really easy in Spotify, as long as you know where the function is hidden. We hope that this article could help you and wish you a lot of fun with interesting music in your playlist. If you have any further questions, just write us on Youtube in the comments. We will be happy to produce more tutorials for you!

Video tutorial:

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